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FEIG Law Firm, centrally located in Irvine, near the 405 & 5 FWY, specializes in a variety of practice areas.  The law firm provides legal counsel for individuals and families seeking guidance with the following:



     Estate Law


Oftentimes, changes in lifestyle can trigger a change in future plans.  At FEIG Law Firm we can help you with


Creating a New Will

Modifying an Old Will


Powers of Attorney

Health Care Directive

Trust Administration & Trust Litigation


Living Revocable Trusts

Special Needs Trusts




We understand the steps it takes for a person to reach out for legal guidance regarding planning for giving away his/her property at death.  Often, people balk at seeking legal advice under these circumstances. But, it’s so important to note that the familiar adage rings so true here: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With this in mind, your specific and unique needs are the cornerstone for developing an appropriate estate plan with our Firm.

Family Law


In addition to practicing Estate Law, FEIG Law Firm also helps those clients with Family Law matters. Although Estate Planning focuses on taking those prudent steps to protect and give away your property at death, FEIG Law Firm also assists those clients who want to protect this same property in the stressful time of a marriage dissolution.  Similar to Estate Planning, it is extremely important to work with an attorney who is familiar with property characterization—such as community property vs. separate property. At FEIG Law Firm, we advocate for protecting our clients’ separate property and community property interests during the divorce—such as a home, which is often the parties' greatest asset. Additionally, we take the necessary steps, which is either through settlement or at trial, regarding the appropriate amount of child support and spousal support to be paid by, or to, an ex-spouse. Overall, FEIG Law Firm, advocates strategically and vigorously for its clients.


Contract Law


FEIG Law Firm recognizes the interconnected nuances of how Contract Law relates to Family Law and Estate Law.  The firm recognizes this when drafting sound prenuptial agreements. Feig Law Firm also counsels clients with business formation and business purchases.  Often, when setting up an estate plan, clients require assistance with both setting up their business as well as planning for business succession. But such is not exclusive to estate planning clients. In fact, this may include such things as setting up an LLC, an S-Corp, or even a C-Corp. This often includes filing the correct paperwork with the California Secretary of State as well as creating a well-drafted, solid operating agreement to protect our clients’ business interests. Additionally, FEIG Law Firm counsels clients with business succession planning which, in short, is designed to preserve a client’s wealth in his/her business at death.


Furthermore, FEIG Law Firm uses its well-honed contract drafting skills to counsel clients with buy-sell agreements, which often must include a precisely drafted non-compete clause to protect clients and to help promote their success. And, where contracts are concerned, it’s crucial to work with an attorney who understands the nuances of language, and the effect it has on the parties' rights and obligations. At FEIG Law Firm, the principal, Scott Feig, Esq., in addition to holding a Juris Doctorate degree summa cum laude, holds both a B.A. and M.A. in English literature and education, respectively.

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